Which "How You Remind Me" Character are you?

Hello! This is a quiz about How You Remind me, which is an awesome fanfiction that I just read. It is a romance and drama and you can find it under Tom/Hermione pairing, if you want to look for it. You will enjoy it if you like dark stories. Anywho- it is a Harry Potter Fanfiction written by Literature-Angel and I have made this in her honor. Sure, she doesn't know I've made this but I will send it to her! But, if you haven't read the fiction you are lost, because this quiz is based off of the personalities in the fiction.

Who ARE you? Luna Lovegood? Hermione Granger? Tom Riddle? Harry Potter? Hmmmm.... we won't know until you take the quiz. I did my best at making it perfect, and I am pretty sure I got the personalities down.

Created by: lorelie

  1. On a scale of 1-5 how often would you say you get angry?
  2. Do you often drift off into a daydream, mostly in the most random or inconvienient of times?
  3. Do you ever have to study HARD for a test?
  4. Which house are you in?
  5. Are you scared of death?
  6. Which is most important to you?
  7. Choose the word that has most meaning to you.
  8. Are you a pessimest or optimist?
  9. Which of these would you rather give up to achieve a world wide goal?
  10. Where would you spend you galleons at the most?

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Quiz topic: Which "How You Remind Me" Character am I?