A Late One - Pure Kentucky

Hey Kentucky's got a bad rap nationally for being back-woods & backwards. It's not true. Most of us have a good education & wear shoes. If you think you're smarter than the average bear, give this quiz a shot.

Kentucky's a great state with lots to offer. Here's a quiz that will remind you of somethings you may have forgotten about our great state. Do you dare??

Created by: Harper

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  1. Big Red is:
  2. Which one of these Bourbon whiskeys is not distilled in Kentucky?
  3. Which United States Army Post acts as the United States Bullion Depository?
  4. The title of this quiz refers to a unique Kentucky what??
  5. Famous Kentuckian:
  6. Famous Kentuckian:
  7. Famous Kentuckian:
  8. What is on the back of the 2001 commemorative Kentucky State quarter?
  9. Kentucky is a
  10. You can't over love this underwear:

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