how much kentucky is in you?

there are people that understand where the ycome from and people who don't really care. who are you. someone who knows where they come from and understands it is a compassionate person with morals and values in life.

how much do you know about kentucky? do you know about only recent things in kentucky or do you know clear back to ancient history of things lets see.this will only take a few minutes to find out what you know and how much kentucky is in you

Created by: peters

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  1. have you ever went to the grocery with no shoes on?
  2. have you ever told a cop to catch you, then you would go quietly?
  3. have you ever been arrested for beating a spouse in public and still claim you did not do it?
  4. what is the most rednedck saying to you?
  5. what is your favorite tv show
  6. kentucky is known for?
  7. the capital of kentucky is?
  8. do you think people in kentucky have a funny accent?
  9. do you know what a chow wagon is?
  10. what are the monthly functions before derby
  11. who won the kentucky derby in 2007?
  12. what later happen to barbaro after his run in the kentucky derby
  13. did you know kentucky was where the first cheesburger was ever served?
  14. what major car manufacture is in bowling green kentucky?
  15. what resturant is kentucky famous for?
  16. what song used everyday originated from kentucky
  17. state song is
  18. who famous in history is buried in kentucky
  19. which famous celebrity is not from kentucky

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