how kentucky r u?

there are many people who think that they know everything about kentucky. honestly, i think not. We made this quiz according to the stereotypical kentuckian, well thats not real life, but hell its fun to think thats what we are. What you think we are, gives us the ability to act stupid, and have an excuse in doing it. So, have fun with this quiz, its not exactly what a REAL kentuckin is, but hey use your imagination,right?

Are you the stereotypical kentuckian?? Take this quiz, this is what a kentuckian is thought to be , even though we really arnt this way ><(evil face)but, oh well, just have fun. Oh, by the way, these answeres are a bit out of the ordinary, but agian lets use our imagination!

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. do you wear shoes?
  2. how do you say louisvile?
  3. do you believe in incest?
  4. do you have all your teeth?
  5. cvb vv cv fdf\/.;?
  6. do you like cheese?
  7. would you ever swim in the ohio river?
  8. how often do you shower?
  9. how do you spend your spare time?
  10. how do ya greet yalls furends?

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