How well do you know Kentucky Basketball

There are many people out there who claim to be the most true blue fan in the True Blue Nation. I developed this quiz to see how much you really know about the University of Kentucky Basketball Program.

Are you a True Blue Fan. Take this great quiz and see how much you know about University of Kentucky Basketball Program. I warn you this quiz is not for the weak.

Created by: Bobby Hisle
  1. What was the first year of organized University of KY basketball game?
  2. What high school did Adolph Rupp coach at before accepting the UK Head Coaching Job?
  3. How many wins did coach Adolph Rupp have at the University of Kentucky?
  4. What is Memorial Coliseums nickname?
  5. In what year did UK win its first SEC Championship?
  6. In what year did UK win its first NCAA Championship?
  7. In what year did "The voice of the Wildcats," Cawood Ledford, broadcast his first game?
  8. How many games did UK win in a row that set a national record which still stands today?
  9. In what year did UK achieve college basketballs first 1,000 win team?
  10. Who was the first African American to sign a scholarship at KY?
  11. Who is UK's All Time Leading Scorer?
  12. In what year did Adolph Rupp coach his final game?
  13. In what year did UK play its last game in Memorial Coliseum?
  14. In what year did Joe B. Hall announce that this would be his last game?
  15. Who replaced Coach Joe B. Hall?
  16. How many National Titles does UK have?
  17. Which person was not a head coach at Kentucky?
  18. In what famous game did Cawood Ledford last broadcast as "The voice of the Wildcats?"
  19. What game is known as the greatest comeback in UK history?
  20. Which name was not given as a nickname to a Kentucky squad?

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