What's your (c)(3) IQ?

How much do you know about the nonprofit sector in the Commonwealth? Quiz yourself, your colleagues, board members and volunteers. Nonprofits are more than just charity; take the quiz to find out just how much more! Visit www.kynonprofits.org to learn fun facts about Kentucky nonprofits and the Nonprofit Leadership Initiative.

For the purpose of this quiz, nonprofit will refer to those organizations that are required to report to the IRS annually (organizations with over $25, 00 in gross receipts). To learn more about those organizations not required to file with the IRS, read More Than Charity: The Kentucky Nonprofit Sector.

Created by: Emily of KY Nonprofits
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  1. In the past 10 years, the nonprofit sector in Kentucky has grown by what percent?
  2. In 2004 what percentage of reporting Kentucky nonprofits had annual expenditures greater than $5 million?
  3. What nonprofit field makes up the largest group of reporting organizations in Kentucky?
  4. What nonprofit field makes up the largest group of reporting organizations in Kentucky?
  5. What is the major source of revenue for reporting nonprofits in Kentucky?
  6. How many counties, of Kentucky's 120, have at least 1 reporting nonprofit?
  7. What is the average charitable contribution of Kentuckians itemizing deductions in 2004?
  8. What percent of income do Kentuckians itemizing deductions contribute?
  9. How many nonprofits reporting to the IRS annualy (over $25,000 in gross receipts) did Kentucky have in 2006?
  10. In 2004 what was the value of assets held by reporting nonprofits in Kentucky?

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Quiz topic: What's my (c)(3) IQ?