Do You Know Salisbury Rowan?

Do you live in Rowan County, NC, or have you visited there? What attractions have you taken in? How much do you know of the Rowan Salisbury culture?

This quiz will remind you of all the fun you've had in Rowan County, or it will introduce you to fun that's yet to be had! Go ahead! See how much you know about this little spot in NC!

Created by: Kathy
  1. Which would you most likely buy at Hap's?
  2. Which attracts more visitors on the 4th of July?
  3. Which senator is from Salisbury?
  4. Which is a popular downtown ice cream and lunch site?
  5. Which is Catawba College's mascot?
  6. Who performs regularly at the Meroney Theatre?
  7. Which has been a mayor of Salisbury?
  8. Which is located in Cleveland, NC?
  9. Where was gold discovered in 1842?
  10. Which is not headquartered in Salisbury?
  11. Which Civil War site was located in Salisbury?
  12. Which is just a short walk from the $2 movies?
  13. Zidis is . . .
  14. Why would you most likely go to Foxwood or Crescent?
  15. Which is a popular site for wedding receptions?
  16. Which is not in Salisbury?
  17. On what body of water is Tamarac Marina?
  18. Why would you most likely go to Waterworks?
  19. What is the first C in RCCC?
  20. Who plays at Fieldcrest Cannon Stadium?
  21. Which would Howard Platt rather talk about?
  22. Which is a popular restaurant in downtown Spencer?
  23. Who is a regular visitor to the NC Transportation Museum in Spencer?
  24. Where was Nascar's Dale Earnhardt Sr.'s home?
  25. What is Salisbury's main newspaper?
  26. Where would you most likely go for fresh strawberries?
  27. Which high school sports the color green?
  28. Whose raid included Salisbury?
  29. What George Clooney, Renee Zellweger movie was partially filmed in Salisbury?
  30. Which is nearer to Rowan County?

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