How well do you know the Harry Potter BOOKS

There are millions of Harry Potter fans, but how many of you read Hogwarts, A History? Hmm? Only the best of the best, the ones who have read the series 200000 times, know as much as the great Hermione Granger...

Or can you rival the brightest witch's intellect? Can YOU steal that prestigious title? You could only dream of ruling the fandom with your supreme knowledge, until now that is.

Created by: Vicky
  1. This quiz contains spoilers, be warned!!! What is Lord Voldemort's full name?
  2. How many siblings does Ron Weasley have?
  3. In which subject does Hermione receive an E grade in her O.W.Ls
  4. What was Lily Potter's surname before she married James?
  5. Questions get trickier from here... What spell was cast on the Potters' house to try and stop Lord Voldemort finding it?
  6. How many truly pureblood families were there as of 1930?
  7. Which historical family is Harry Potter descended from?
  8. Where does Professor Snape live?
  9. Extra hard questions!!!!!!!! What is the core of the Elder Wand made of?
  10. What house was Merlin sorted into?
  11. Out of the following, who was NOT killed by Lord Voldemort?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know the Harry Potter BOOKS