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Thread Topic: What i thought was cool before...

  • lorelie Newbie
    When i was younger i was a big fan of the whole "Hannah Montanna" stuff. Now that i am thirteen, i realize "Oh, how could i have been a fan?" yeah know? I mean alot of people like hannah, but that is just an example. And when i look back at my music choices i think, "I was such a loser." So now, because of me maturing, as grown ups call it, i listen to bands like 3 days grace, flyleaf, and evanescence. ROCK BANDS. Todays topic is, "What you thought was cool before, compared to what you think is cool now, and what you think about the artists and yourself when you listened to what you may call now "Trash." So, if you have anything to share, or say i would love to hear it. from, your own goth girl, Lorelie
  • tongue Experienced
    People get to listening to crap like Hannah Montana cuz that's all they think music is. I wish more people would explore the full scope of music instead of just accepting what is being forced on them by our culture.
    While I'm here Lorelie I'd like to recommend you check out a couple of different bands. You need to listen to Nirvana and Smashing Pumpkins, two epic 90s alternative bands. As far as more current music, check out Hail the Villain and Breaking Benjamin.
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    tomboykaitie Senior
    Hallo. I've never really listened to that crap... I mean, I've heard it but I don't stick to it or fully enjoy it. I've recently gotten into My Chemical Romance, which is pretty good :3
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    tomboykaitie Senior
    I didn't mean to put crap, and when I did, I was referring to Hannah Montana music >.> Sorry.
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    Anastasia Senior
    When I was in 4th and 5th grade I used to love the Cheetah Girls, Hilary Duff, and bunch of Disney stuff. At least they weren't the sults of Disney. Then as I got older and in middle school I started listening to Green Day because everybody kept saying they were "stupid and gay" (psh, I went to a very hick school). And then I learned I really loved that sound of music. That's what kind of made me who I am today.

    Some pre-teen music is okay, but the sluty and superficial stars aren't.

    These days I search out tons of music and listen to it because I like it. I don't care about genre or popularity at all.
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    pkiera75 Novice
    When i was like in 3rd maybe 4th grade i used to like Hannah Montana stuff like that and now as i was in middle school, people would talk about music and how they hated these bands so much! so i decided to listen to them and they were like Evanescence, Green Day, AC/DC, and Linkin Park. i listened to them and the were actually good. so when i told my friends i like them they thought i was a reject because they kisten to Hannah and stuff like that so i can care less what anybody else says imma still listen to screamo and hard/soft metal!

    yours truley,
    Goth girl! PEACE!! :)
  • lorelie Novice
    Well, dear pkiera75, Anastasia, tomboykaitie, and tongue- i think it is awesome that you finally found a genre or a mix of genres that suit you, and change you thinking, personality, and made you who you are today- which if you listen to those bands- means you are some awesome people. I listen to Green day, Evanescence, and many bands you all like- so if you might have some suggestions for me and stuff i might like to listen to- go ahead. And if you need my advice on anything, go ahead and ask.
    From your honorary goth girl- Lorelie
  • lorelie Novice
    P.s... this forum is for people with ALL likes in music, which means if you like something other than most of the bands being listed, start a new band name on here and find others like yourself.

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