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Thread Topic: Flyleaf Fans

  • lorelie Novice
    I am a big fan of flyleaf, and i think it would be cool if i could check out some other people that like flyleaf. So post what you like or dislike about flyleaf, their music, or style. Thanks guys!
    From, Lorelie
  • tongue Experienced
    That I barely hear them anymore! Yea sorry not really a fan of theirs.
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    Anastasia Senior
    Their songs have uplifting messages when I feel like crap.
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    I like music Senior
    I like thier songs Fear Of The Dark, Breaks Your Kness, Chasm, and some more I can't remember right now.
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    I LOVE thier songs Chasm,In the dark,much like falling,Again,all around me,The kind,Beautiful bride,and a bunch more!

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