Is music your whole life?

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Thread Topic: Is music your whole life?

  • lorelie Novice
    Music is my life. Without it, my life would suck more than i already think it does. :) Is music a huge part of your life? How is it important to you?
    Music is my life because it seperates me from everyone else i know. Out of all my three or four friends at school- i am the only one who likes rock and alternative. it makes me different, and it proves who your true friends are. i only have a few because of my music, or image choices. And the ones that don't run away screaming, are always there, even when you REALLY don't want them to be. Music also comforts me in my times of need. Music can explain life in ways regular words can't. If i was sad, just one beat can change my way of thinking. What about you?
    from your all time goth girl- Lorelie
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    OZZYIOMMI Experienced
    yes if i didn'tt have music i would slit my wrists or drink myself to death.
  • tongue Experienced
    I don't know if it's my whole life, but I don't think I would be alive today without music, so yea it's a big deal for me.
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    *thinks for a minute* Well i ALWAYS listen to music and when i'm at school i always sing a tune in my head and then i get in trouble cause i'm not paying attention but yes music is my life.And if music was banned or something i would go CRAZY! Even MORE crazy then i already am! and i am really,really,REALLY crazy! but yes music is my life..i would probably be in a mental hospital without it
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    tomboykaitie Senior
    Music has saved me from a lot, let's just say that.
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    6 6 sick Experienced
    Pretty much,I would of died of boredom and lack of creativity without it.
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    Anastasia Senior
    Music is apart of my soul. Without it I wouldn't have ever made it through things, I would have never learned so much. I love it and I love how it makes such an impact on people's lives. It is my greatest dream and goal in life to create my own music, and leave positive impact for others.
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    pkiera75 Novice
    Yes! music is my life! i cant do my homework without it! (cyber schooled) i cant take showers without it, nor goto bed without! i cant do anything without if i dont have my MP3 im always singing in my head!
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    DragonKitty Novice
    Without music, I'd have a lot of free time on weekends. Kiwanas, lessons, etc. Still, I couldn't live with out it!

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