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  • "Name: Dulcinea Age: under 20 ;) Pronouns: she/her Interests: reading, writing, movies (Sooo many but main favorites: Star"
  • You Have To See This!!
    "Need a smile? Need advice on how to sew a masterpiece with a reasonable budget? Need to laugh so hard you almost cry? Look no further! "
  • "So you literally can't go anywhere or read anything without hearing about the corona virus. Schools are closing, businesses are losing milli..."
  • Hurting But Passed By
    "I think I agree with you about Jesus coming to us first. The Bible does say "We love him because he first loved us" (1 John 4:19) and "But G..."
  • Hurting But Passed By
    "I just read this really great post that I wanted to share (and since links don't seem to work) thought I'd just paste the whole thing here (..."
  • Atheism & Christianity
    "That is a very interesting system. What sort of rewards do you think will be given? And what would one do with those rewards? Do you believe..."
  • Atheism & Christianity
    "(As it is my understanding that you are an atheist...) if you believe in a higher power why do you not believe in God?"
  • ""
  • I want to f---ing die
    "I am so sorry to hear that. Would you be willing to talk about it? Why do you want to die?"
  • Atheism & Christianity
    "That's what happens to your body, but what do you think happens to you?"
  • Atheism & Christianity
    "What do you believe will happen after you die?"
  • Atheism & Christianity
    "How did the universe come to be?"
  • "Whether you belive in him or not, what are the first things that come to mind when you hear the name Jesus? How would you describe hi"
  • "I don't really have any specific favorite bands....just favorite songs, but I do like Skylar Kaylen, Unspoken, and Mercyme. And also Hillso..."
  • Endgame is phenomenal
    "Yes it was. Don't make me cry!!"

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