How Well Do You Know Miraculous Ladybug ( Season 4!?)

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Are you ready to put your miraculous knowledge to the test?! Warning: there are spoilers for season 4 but I’m sure that you being the true fan you are (assuming you had access to the episodes) should have nothing to worry about. ;)

Before you go on to the quiz, do you like miraculous AMV/MVs? I have had a lot of fun making some and I would love to share them with you! Feel free to check out my YouTube channel (Christina Cheng) if you’re interested :) Alright, on to the quiz!!

Created by: Christina Cheng of My Miraculous Ladybug Amv/MVs :D
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  1. In Sentibubbler, where did Shadowmoth put the amuck?
  2. Where did Ladybug first transform into Ladybee?
  3. How many sentimonsters were used in Optigami?
  4. How did Adrien find out Alya’s secret identity?
  5. In Mr. Pidegeon 72, why was Marinette at the pool?
  6. Where did Juleka put her phone with the akuma/amuck in Guiltrip?
  7. Why did Rose not want to share her secret with everyone?
  8. What did Ladybug call herself when she used the horse miraculous?
  9. What was Ladybug’s lucky charm in sentibubbler?
  10. Which of these characters did NOT use a miraculous in Megaleech?
  11. Who (while being controlled) almost took off Ladybug’s miraculous in Megaleech?
  12. Last but not least: When did Ladybug first discover that she could make magical charms to protect people from being akumatized?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Miraculous Ladybug ( Season 4!?)