Which Selection Character Are You

Ever wondered where you would fall in the Selection were you chosen? Would you make it to the elite or even be the one? Do you have what it takes to become the princess of Illea, the wife of handsome prince Maxon?

Well now you can find out. Which character from Kiera Cass's amazing book, The Selection, are you? Are you bold like America, cunning like Celeste, strong like Marlee, quiet like Kriss, or just hoping to be good enough like Elise. Take this quiz and you won't be left wondering anymore!

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  1. Your best friend is accused of breaking the rules and is sentenced to a public punishment. What do you do?
  2. Your boyfriend is poor but doesn't ever accept money from you, do you.
  3. You are asked by the king to think of a project that would benefit the country.
  4. A group of angry rebels are chasing you.
  5. The angry rebels reach the castle and start to attack you:
  6. You have the chance to enter a competition where you get to compete against other girls for the prince's hand in marriage and a royal title you:
  7. You are chosen to go to the castle to compete for the prince!! You have to wear the same outfit as everyone but get to choose your shoes. What do you pick?
  8. The prince calls you by a pet name, which you prefer to be.
  9. Your ideal date includes.
  10. You're slowly falling in love with the prince, but an old boyfriend comes back and reminds you that you might still have feelings for him.
  11. The prince tells you one of his deepest secrets, and asks you not to tell anyone.
  12. Your ideal guy looks like.
  13. Another contestant bullies you and calls you names.
  14. How do you feel about the other girls in the competition?
  15. You want to be a.

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