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Name: Number abhishek Dil ki fariyad ban gaye ho aap,in ankhon ka kwab ban gaye ho aap,kaise btaye kitna chahte h aapko,bnzar zamin ki pyas ban gaye ho aap.

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  1. what is the correct sequence of the following events? A. Black-hole Tragedy B. Jalianwala Bagh incident C. Battle of plassey
  2. The Bardoli satyagraha was conducted under the leadership of
  3. Swadeshi movement started in against of
  4. dirct action day was celeberated
  5. forget not that lower classes the ignorant, the poor the illiterate, the cobbler, the sweeper are they flesh and blood and they brother.' who said it
  6. Consider the following Madan Lal Dhingara Rash Bihari Bose Chapeakr Brothers Sachin sanyal
  7. Match the following A. Dvaita 1. Vallabhacharya B. Dvaitadvaita 2. Madhavacharya C. Suddhadvaita 3. Ramanuja D. Vishishtadvaita 4. Nimark
  8. the capital of Anga Mahajanpadas was
  9. Who adorned his court on the Iranian model
  10. Who was the First Ruler of Gahadavalas dynasty

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