48 Cute Boy Names!

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There are sooo many handsome and adorable male names to choose from! And the most difficult part is permanently deciding which name to choose! The name you choose for a child or a story character, has to stick with them for life. It's important that the person loves their name, and that the name describes them real well.

Here is a wide selection of very unique masculine names! I hope this list of boys names makes it a bit easier to choose a name for your son, future son, or a character in a book! These are just a few of my favorite masculine names in the world! And I'm happy to share them with you!!! I hope you find one or two that really pops out to you, and that you can use for whatever the reason.

Created by: LemonLime

  1. Charlie
  2. Harry
  3. Edward
  4. Louis
  5. Vincent
  6. Bernard
  7. Cecil
  8. Chester
  9. Warren
  10. Everett
  11. Clyde
  12. Arnold
  13. Elmer
  14. Herbert
  15. Finn
  16. Asher
  17. Jasper
  18. Liam
  19. Felix
  20. Levi
  21. Emmett
  22. Ezra
  23. Rory
  24. Micah
  25. Elijah
  26. Simon
  27. Nathaniel
  28. Mason
  29. Lucas
  30. Zayn
  31. Ryder
  32. Cyrus
  33. Gavin
  34. Lennon
  35. Kiefer
  36. Reuben
  37. Zephyr
  38. Eliza
  39. Taylor
  40. Damon
  41. Joseph
  42. Seth
  43. Xavier
  44. Jonah
  45. Trevor
  46. Stefan

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