Which Sakamaki should you choose?

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Diabolik Lovers is a visual novel franchise owned and produced by Rejet. It has four games and an televised adaption. The heroine of the story is forced to choose between six characters in the supernatural household she has been abandoned to.

Which route should you choose? Which character are you most suited to? Take this to find out. This quiz takes into account the preferences of each character, and not the preferences of the player.

Created by: Flower
  1. I consider myself to be an honest person.
  2. I find it easy to make friends.
  3. My friends and relationships are very important to me.
  4. I feel the need act as a mediator between arguments.
  5. I often go to friends for help when solving a problem or when in a difficult time.
  6. I enjoy new challenges and environments.
  7. I am a dedicated person.
  8. I have very strong opinions and I am a decisive person.
  9. I am more comfortable in a routine.
  10. I worry over things until they are resolved.
  11. I naturally take the lead in a situation.
  12. I doubt myself often.
  13. The way my actions appear to other people does not concern me.
  14. I find the positive in bad situations.

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Quiz topic: Which Sakamaki should I choose?