Which Territory Is For You?

This is a quiz focused on helping you found out what biome in the upcoming game Wolfsoul is right for you! It may not be the best or most in depth quiz, but hopefully it'll help you decide where to go.

Take your time and mull it over when you do choose where to live, it's not exactly reversible. And don't feel like the results of this quiz bind you to your final answer, what you choose is what you choose!

Created by: Taboo
  1. What kind of fur does your wolf have?
  2. Time to hunt! What kind of prey do you like best?
  3. What is your ideal place to raise your pups?
  4. A packmember has died! What do you do?
  5. The killer came back! It's a...
  6. Time to educate the pups about danger, whats one of the hazards of your area?
  7. Your not THAT colorblind! Whats your favorite out of these colors?
  8. More colors you probably can't see! What's your favorite eye color for your wolves?
  9. Do you know of the upcoming game Wolfsoul?
  10. What climate do you want to live in.
  11. Make an offering to Minoo! What do you give her?

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