What Is Your Inner Weapon?

This quiz is a quiz that will decide which faction of weapon you belong to. You will be assigned to a faction based on your qualities and personality.

There are 6 factions of different weapons, and depending on your weapon, it will show your true self and what things you will need to do to achieve your goals.

Created by: dylan
  1. What type of person are you?
  2. Where would you train?
  3. What is your favourite season?
  4. Your in a fight, if you could summon a weapon what would it be?
  5. What is your strongest skill?
  6. What matters to you most?
  7. How old are you?
  8. What's element are you?
  9. Mom or dad?
  10. How tall are you?

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Quiz topic: What Is my Inner Weapon?