The Divergent Faction Test

What if the world were to be split up into five factions? Where would you belong. which one would you fit into based on your personality and physical attributes?

Which faction do you belong to from divergent. Eager to know? If so take this test immediately and find out in a few minutes by answering some questions.

Created by: WarHound911

  1. A man threatens you. How do you react?
  2. You are in a rush to get somewhere. A boy comes up to ask you to tie his shoe laces. Do you assist him?
  3. You did something you weren't suppose to do. Your boss or your parents ask if it was you. How do you answer?
  4. You are in a maze of mirrors. What do you do?
  5. Do you value the truth?
  6. Do you value peace?
  7. Do you value knowledge?
  8. Do you value strength?
  9. What faction would your mother be from?
  10. What faction would your father be from?
  11. Pick your favourite attribute.
  12. Do you show care to everyone you come across?
  13. How is your vocabulary?
  14. Would you enjoy a law related career?
  15. Would you enjoy a medical related career?
  16. Do you have many friends?

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