What Faction Do You Belong To?

With five factions and just one of you, it's time to take the test. This quiz will tell you whether you're Dauntless, Abnegation, Erudite, Amity or Candor. Hopefully it fits you best.

Ever wondered, if you were part of the book, Divergent, what your faction would be? This quiz will give you a good idea of where you would've been placed among the brave, selfless, honest, peaceful and intelligent.

Created by: Carolyn
  1. How would you want to die?
  2. Which do you consider yourself?
  3. Something you've always wanted to do is...
  4. If you and your friend were fighting over the last piece of cake, you would...
  5. Something you would NEVER do
  6. I think I belong in the _____ faction.
  7. If someone called by best friend fat I would....
  8. If you had 30 seconds right now to decide which faction to choose, which would you pick?
  9. If you had to get a tattoo it would be...
  10. What do you think the best qualities to have a person are?

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Quiz topic: What Faction do I Belong To?