Which Israeli party do you support?

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This is an Israeli political party quiz, which based on your answers supposed to say which parties is closest to you ideologically out of the 10 biggest Israeli parties (as Shas and UTJ are very close ideologically they are together in the results).

There will be several questions in the test, covering the main political issues in Israel. For every question you will be asked a political question, and you will be requested to answer based on your personal political belief.

Created by: Arjona
  1. Should Israel legalize marijuana for personal use?
  2. Do labor unions in Israel help or hurt the economy? and what should Israel do about them?
  3. What should Israel do with the mass of illegal refugees who entered Israel?
  4. Should Israel make preschool from the age of 0 free?
  5. If a two states solution will be achieved, what should happen with Israel's capital, Jerusalem?
  6. Should the Israeli Parliament be allowed to pass a law that was disqualified by court?
  7. What Israel needs to do about the about the offshore natural gas fields?
  8. Should ultra-Orthodox people be exempt from the mandatory service in the army?
  9. should Israel raise the taxes in order to provide more Social services for the citizens?
  10. Should Israel head to a two states solution?
  11. Should abortion be legal in Israel?
  12. Should public transportation be allowed in Saturdays? (the resting day according to Judaism)
  13. Should Israel raise the minimum wage?
  14. Should prime minister netanyahu, who's charged with corruption (not guilty yet) be legally allowed to continue serving as PM?
  15. Should Israel annex some of part C (The Israeli controlled part according to Oslo agreements) of the west bank?
  16. Should Israel allow LGBT the right to marry in Israel?
  17. Should some shops like small supermarkets be forced to close during saturdays (Jews holy day)?
  18. Should Israel continue privatising big companies such as banks and airlines?
  19. What should Israel do with the Islamic call to prayer?
  20. Should Israel implement a law against the use of disposable plastic utensils?

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Quiz topic: Which Israeli party do I support?