What Israeli political party are you?

Israel is about to hold a general election this september, for it I have decided to make this so that people passing by can find their ultimate identification. Zehut isn't included because i had limitations to the amount of parties and they were the smallest of the bunch.

The quiz will include 11 Questions ranging from subjects like: The settlements, the economy, welfare, the health system, the education system and more...please answer honestly and have fun.

Created by: the orange worker 56

  1. Israel should return to the welfare state model.
  2. The Likud are doing a great job in office.
  3. The two-states solution is beneficial to both Israel and palestine.
  4. Civil unions should be led alongside religious unions.
  5. more funding should go the health system.
  6. The settlements should be annexed into Israel.
  7. We should keep the children of refugees inside the country.
  8. The state is responsible to it's citizen's welfare and well-being, regardless of their participation in the labour market.
  9. Only a free market can ensure Israel's economic success.
  10. As part of the deal, Israel should give the palestinians the arab sections of jerusalem.
  11. In case of a contradiction between jewish tradition and values like freedom and equality, jewish tradition must be prefered.
  12. Schools should teach ancient Jewish values.

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Quiz topic: What Israeli political party am I?