Which Fictional Political Party do you belong to?

You will be met with 16 different questions, and you got to answer them. You will be matched with 4 different Fictional political Parties the pictures are the DozenValues Matches to the Parties.

The Parties are as listed from Left-Wing to Right-Wing...1. United Workers Party (UWP)2. Social Capitalist Party (SCP)3. Conservative Party (CP)4. National front (NF)

Created by: Ayden Rembowski

  1. Do You think that the government shall intervene in the economy to help consumers?
  2. Do you think Religion is old, and stupid?
  3. Which person is better than the Others? (If you do not know one of these people look it up!)
  4. Is Capitalism Desirable?
  5. Where would you put yourself on the Political line.
  6. Do you want A dictatorship?
  7. Bonus Question: Are you my Mother?
  8. 2019>2022
  9. Monopolies like Amazon, and Apple should be broken up.
  10. Should there be A fully democratic Workplace?
  11. Do You Identify as A Conservative?
  12. Which sounds the best?
  13. Should Border security be stricter or lighter?
  14. Who is to blame for these gas prices lately?
  15. Which is closest to your views?
  16. Bonus Question: Did you like this test?

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Quiz topic: Which Fictional Political Party do I belong to?