Are you an Israeli or Palestinian?

Not all people can see truth. Are you a good person? do you see truth? Forget about everything that you have heard and what you know. Stand back and take a look at what is going on. Who is true?

Take this test to determine whether you are an Israeli or a Palestinian, and who you should be supporting. If you support neither then why are you here? You do not matter.

Created by: rael

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. What is your favorite color?
  2. Israel is good?
  3. Palestine is good?
  4. Should Arabs leave the Holy land?
  5. Should Jews leave the Holy land?
  6. Israelis are the aggressors?
  7. Palestinians are the aggressors?
  8. I like to relax, and not much bothers me
  9. Israel is a safe country to visit?
  10. Children should be taught to hate and/or destroy enemies?
  11. Children should be taught to love and/or forgive enemies?
  12. Israel is forever?
  13. Palestine will win in the end?
  14. I like the USA?
  15. I like Britain?
  16. Everyone in the world should be muslim?
  17. I support freedom of speech?
  18. Women are equal to Men?
  19. I am..
  20. My favorite animal out of the following is?
  21. I am a good person?
  22. I like women in army uniforms?
  23. I like women in Hijabs?
  24. I like to have fun on the beach?
  25. Do you like watching the news?
  26. Who do you support?
  27. Do you believe in G-d?
  28. Beheading is okay?

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Quiz topic: Am I an Israeli or Palestinian?