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  • You were absolutely correct. I was born and raised in Chicago as you detected. I have lived in various places but have now lived in RI for over 30 years but have resisted speaking with any other accent than my Chicago accent.

  • This is so cool! Although I live in Florida now, I spent my "young" years (0-5 when language forms) in Illinois, Indiana, & Kentucky so this quiz makes sense to me - I was rated "inland mid-west"

  • Your Result: The Midland 77%

    "You have a Midland accent" is just another way of saying "you don't have an accent." You probably are from the Midland (Pennsylvania, southern Ohio, southern Indiana, southern Illinois, and Missouri) but then for all we know you could be from Florida or Charleston or one of those big southern cities like Atlanta or Dallas. You have a good voice for TV and radio.

    69% The Inland North
    67% The Northeast
    66% Philadelphia
    55% Boston
    55% The South
    54% The West
    35% North Central

  • My Result: The Inland North

    You may think you speak "Standard English straight out of the dictionary" but when you step away from the Great Lakes you get asked annoying questions like "Are you from Wisconsin?" or "Are you from Chicago?" Chances are you call carbonated drinks "pop."

  • I'm from California, so for me to have an accent of the midland states, makes me wonder how I'm pronouncing words. I do have a tendency to pick up accents where ever I'm at. I've never been to any of the midland states or even in the Northeeast states, and never been to GA or FL. So who knows.

  • I do not believe my accent is 100% New England. My accent has always registered as mid-American or Illinois or no accent. My husband is from New England and has that accent. I am from the Deep South and have never had an accent of any kind. If I had paid for this quiz I would want my money back.

  • Mom grew in New Hampshire, upstate (Saratoga Springs) NY, and Boston. Dad is rural no.Indiana. I lived in Houston for 5 years in the 1980's and unknowingly took on Texas pronunciations of some words. My quiz says I am Midlands.

  • I am struck by how many say the results fit their parents more than themselves. I too have spent as little time in Philadelphia as an average tourist, but both my parents were from there, and the quiz determined that my accent is as "Philadelphia as a cheesesteak"!

  • According to this quiz, I am inland north. The only problem is, I live in Louisiana and have never been above the 36th parallel. That said, are many people in Louisiana that have accents, and people always tell me that I am the one who speaks differently

  • completely and utterly wrong-o!

    I am from the Southwest, though I live in NYC.

    This test pegged me as inland north. Yet people in this part of the country typically cannot tell Western/Southwester n accents from the various Southern accents.

  • My report came back Midland yet I was born in Boston, lived in Massachusetts until I was 29 and live in NH. Strange; yet my kids sound like they were born and bred in Southie. Guess I can thank Mom for those elocution lessons.

  • WOW .... I am impressed ! It said I was "Philadelphia" all the way...I was born in Philadelphia and raised and still live at the"Recovering Sandy" Jersey Shore. I've always thought I had a knack for picking up that "Philadelphia" accent in others...didn't think I shared it!!

  • I'm a 5th generation Californian. I was born in San Francisco CA, Raised in Santa Monica CA, raised my children in Northridge CA and have lived in South Lake Tahoe CA for 34 years. How on earth do I have a Northern Inland accent?

  • The quiz said my accent is inland north, but I was born and raised in the southwest. Maybe this is why I am assumed to be a blond white woman when I speak to someone on the phone when in reality I am brunette black woman.

  • Add another person raised in Connecticut who has an "Inland North" accent...from Wisconsin?? I would never think to call soda anything but soda...Pop is someone's grandfather...or the noise champagne makes when you open it. I don't think this is an accurate test.

  • I cannot believe it! I was born in Philadelphia but never lived there but the quiz says Philadelphia. However my mother's family has been in southern NJ since the early 1700's so that has to be the influence. Thanks for an interesting experience.

  • Not even, I have never been asked if I was from WI or Chicago, nor to I call soda by pop. Born in the southwest, lived in the midwest (Kansas) and southwest all my life - only been to Chicago once for two days and never been to WI. Currently living for the last 6 yrs in NV

  • Born in Western MI; lived in Chicago 25 years; then 4 years in Vegas; and now in Charlotte, NC. I am definitely Midland! People all the time say I have a Midwest accent. I often recognize other Midwest accents too. Never thought about having an accent!

  • 86% North Central. I live in Canada right on the border with Minnesota, so that makes sense. I swear we really don't speak quite like the Minnesotans, though. A lot of them say, for example, "root" like "soot" ,while we say it like "flute".

  • Born in Boston, raised in Massachusetts, lived in the northeast all my life but identified as Midlands, just as my speech teacher in college did more than 30 years ago. Maybe I'll do voice overs as my next career;-)

  • Said I was from the inland north. Actually, I was raised in Westchester county New York, just outside New York City and very near the water. However, I don't have a New York accent -- no one ever pegs me as being from there. So maybe it's close...

  • You say I am as Philidelphia as cheesestake but you are way off on this one. I was born and raised in the South, New Orleans, Louisiana.Spent 4 years in Hawaii and back to New Orleans and now in North Central Texas, the DFW area for the last 35 years. Have never lived any furthur north than I live now. I also am an actor, retired.

  • Strange, was told I had a midland accent, never lived there. Grew up in New England, moved to Washington as a child, back to New England and as older adult lived in the south. Must be a combination of all accents. Or the Washington accent stayed with me.

  • Raised in western New York State, lived in Philadephia for ten years but did not pick up on their brouge. used to call soft drinks "pop" which sounded like "pap". Never lived in central north part of the country but your test was quite accurate, in my opinion.

  • Yes, being from Iowa I was pegged correctly. HOWEVER, I sound different because after being utterly unintelligeable until age 4, I had an operation. Then my speech therapist drilled me in enunciation, which I can't shake. So I sound vaguely British due to my over-enunciation (by American standards).

    However, my Mary and marry are identical, but my merry is slightly (albeit present) different.


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