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  • What American accent do you have?
    Your Result: The Midland

    "You have a Midland accent" is just another way of saying "you don't have an accent." You probably are from the Midland (Pennsylvania, southern Ohio, southern Indiana, southern Illinois, and Missouri) but then for all we know you could be from Florida or Charleston or one of those big southern cities like Atlanta or Dallas. You have a good voice for TV and radio.


    80%The West

    59%North Central

    39%The Northeast


    33%The Inland North

    27%The South

    Funny thing is that im from Alaska

    AnnaCoral Apr 21 '19, 3:54AM
  • It said im midland and said inwas from florida umm actually i live in ohio and im from california

    Haidyn_Irixarry Apr 14 '19, 11:25PM
  • you stupid

    kookiegamer_xd13 Apr 5 '19, 5:01PM
  • I'm from Canada and I have a normal accent but it said i had a Philadelphia! What a stupid question! I'm from Scotland but moved to Canada, this surprises me. >:O

    kookiegamer_xd13 Apr 5 '19, 5:00PM
  • I got midland accent. It said I was from southern Illinois, but I’m northern Illinois....

    BagelPigGirl8 Apr 2 '19, 9:59AM
  • Im from North Texas, I only have an accent when im upset or excited, or realllly pissed off

    HannahChan04 Mar 23 '19, 10:05PM
  • western accent even though i'm as eastern as i can get in america im literally in new jersey what lmao

    luigisfleshlight Jan 31 '19, 9:40AM
  • I'm from Washington and it says I have a mid-land accent. I actually was born in Florida so I guess it was right because it said it could also be Florida.

    amazingclaws Jan 27 '19, 11:33PM
  • Wow... it guessed my state!!

    Minivelour Jan 27 '19, 3:27PM
  • So Dumb

    VampireWarrior Jan 26 '19, 9:36PM
  • Im from Georgia and it says i have either a NJ ar NY accent

    VampireWarrior Jan 26 '19, 9:35PM
  • Lmao super accurate

    BeanIntentions Jan 20 '19, 7:22PM
  • Mine was spot on actually. Baltimore accent

    Sammi678 Jan 16 '19, 12:14AM
  • I got New York accent...im from North Carolina lol

    casadia Jan 14 '19, 1:37PM
  • i got north jersey.. im from australia :)

    bellaspasta Dec 29 '18, 8:25AM
  • Also fire fox I’m from there too. 😐

    ItsBella_2010 Dec 6 '18, 10:31PM
  • Why is there creepy stuff in this quiz? D:

    ItsBella_2010 Dec 6 '18, 10:30PM
  • I'm came from California, but I got Midland.

    Fire Fox Dec 1 '18, 11:00AM
  • I'm Canadian and I got north central so I guess that makes sense

    Terribledm Nov 24 '18, 9:00AM
  • 95% Midland, 92% West

    Kaiya Nov 4 '18, 3:06PM
  • I'm British! I'm from England! Why the Heck am I taking this quiz? XD

    WhereTheFxxkAmI Oct 25 '18, 6:00PM
  • I live in the Northeast and I'm pretty sure I have a accent, but instead I got Midland. OMG

    AnimalJamlover8 Oct 24 '18, 9:48PM

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