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  • Hmm. West, or Californian. Funny, that's what I always thought, cause I'm from the south (and my dad has a southern accent) but my mom is a native Californian, so I guess I just inherited her accent. Or rather, lack of accent.

  • Your Result: North Central

    "North Central" is what professional linguists call the Minnesota accent. If you saw "Fargo" you probably didn't think the characters sounded very out of the ordinary. Outsiders probably mistake you for a Canadian a lot.

    i've seen Fargo..... interesting

  • "The West" Seems legit. My accent is more standard. I'm from the south, but my accent is more of an "All over" accent thanks to the army moving us all over through my entire life. If I start talking real fast that southern accent kicks in.

  • Can't imagine how I came out sounding like Philadelphia. I've been there ONCE, for ONE DAY...attended the Army-Navy game in 1963. I'm from Piedmont North Carolina, have never lived outside North Carolina or Virginia, and I definitely sound Southern!

  • I am from southwest WV, not far from southern Ohio, so this was right on. As a new teacher coming to Ohio, I had a difficult time teaching phonics in the beginning. I adjusted for the classroom but reverted back in normal conversation.

  • The people who are posting those "PLZ DON"T READ" comments should grow up.

    As to the quiz: I have lived all of my life in California. I'm occasionally asked if I'm from the south, probably because of my Daddy's family's influence...but Minnesota?????? Only been there once for a few hours.

  • My results were a bit off. The quiz revealed that I am from the "inland North." Actually I was born in Indiana and lived for 34 years in Cetral Illinois (Decatur). I've lived in Tacoma, WA, (Pacific Northwest) for the last 35 years

  • Completely Wrong. It said Inland North and I have never been out of the state of Texas. I did grow up in a military town and stay here as an adult, so wouldn't have a full southern or Texan accent but nothing up North.

  • very interesting!! My sisters and I all took the quiz with the same result but my daughter just took it and despite being born in Wisconsin has spent the majority of her life in Kansas and came up with a completely different answer. I think this is a very neat quiz.

  • My result was 'definitely Boston' -- I grew up 20 minutes from Boston, have lived my last 40 years away from there (They-ah) but still have it and love it and only change somethings -- like car (not ca-ah) and butter (not buttah) and Cuba ( not cu-ber)

  • Have lived all over the USA. Borning and raised in Gloucester, MA. Philadelphia was a surprise. Second choice was Boston, which makes sense. My husband was born outside of Philadelphia. Maybe the accent is catching.

  • I never realized I had an accent until I moved to the east coast - where they insisted i had a "west coast" accent, and then the midwest where the people there insisted I had an "east coast" accent. Now I can tell them it's a philly accent! Even though I've never even lived there....

  • You don't have enough questions. You have me as Great Lakes, but my family left Chicago for the Mid-Atlantic more than 40 years ago. I don't have any of the Northern Cities Vowel Shift, but none of your questions would have identified it.

  • "North Central" is what professional linguists call the Minnesota accent. If you saw "Fargo" you probably didn't think the characters sounded very out of the ordinary. Outsiders probably mistake you for a Canadian a lot.

    Hehe I actually AM Canadian

  • My result was accurate: I have a Boston accent. I used to think that I didn't, as I pronounce most R's.

    However, I do pronounce Mary (like Mairy), merry (like the "e" in met), and marry (like the "a" in map), which I thought, until recently, everyone did.

  • Western, but er, thats pretty much like ery person I know talks, I mean, sheesh, it's pretty much no accent around here, well, unless your one of those morons at my school that talks different to be funny but to me looks utterly stupid...

  • Chicago pride- I don't know why people in the rest of the country think that people in Chicago call soda 'pop', that's only us Minnesotans. We don't like saying soda, because its MinneSOTA. It's like a New Yorker asking for a york. It just feels weird to say.

  • "You can take the girl out of Western New York State, but you can't take Western New York out of the girl." It all makes perfect sense if you grant that premise. I've lived in the South since 1957, but not a smidgen of the accent has rubbed off. (Except, of course, if I say "bah-payess" for effect. ;-) )

  • Well, it said I have a Midland accent. I was born and raised in western Massachusetts (Northampton) and did not leave that area until 1992 (I was 38). But I also thought western MA folks sounded normal (unlike those from Boston)

  • I also call it soda - not pop. The only people that I know that call it pop are from the south. No one ever asked me if I was from any Midwestern state. Lived most of my life in California. Someone did ask if I was English because I was taught to say "twenty" and "twunty" and a "hundred," not "hunnert."

  • YES! I am originally from the WEST, grew up in the Beautiful Pacific Northwest and don`t think I have an accent. However, after living in Hawaii, HI for 35+ years, when I go back to the mainland folks do think I talk funny ;>

  • Naw, this is rather poor. Why does it have Boston but not Pittsburgh when the latter is recognized as a legitimately separate dialect? I definitely speak a weak form of Pittsburghese, but it says I'm from the West...

  • This said Northeast and I certainly do, still sound like I'm from North Jersey, even though I have lived in Virginia for almost ten years. You will almost certainly sound like your parents since these are the people who taught you how to speak.

  • I'm from Georgia, and this test claims I have a Midland accent. I'd say it's pretty true, considering I grew up with a father from England and a mother from Arkansas, getting a mix between the two extremes.

    Tony Montana
  • Well I got Boston and that was right. My husband is from New Orleans and got Philadelphia. And I agree that New Orleans accents sound like a Philly or Brooklyn accent. Many people said he sounded like he was from Brooklyn when he came to Boston for the first time.


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