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  • As the Gospel clearly states: "Anyone born and brought up within 20 miles of the Old North Church speaks the American language in its most perfect form."

  • I was born and raise in upstate New York on the Vermont border but you are telling me my accent is north central. Either we sound alot a like or the quiz answers needs some adjustment.

  • You said I am Philadelphia, or South Jersey. I think you did not factor in that folks from Charleston, SC are from another planet. That's where I grew up. But I've lived in Atlanta, GA for almost 30 years.

  • Was not even close. Said Philidelphia. I was born in Waco, TX,; lived in Texas, Kansas, Ohio, England, Texas, Virgina, TX, Alabama, Netherlands, and Texas again for the past 32 years.

    Dolly Simeroth
  • It was kind of unfair for me to take this quiz because my parents are British but I was raised in the US. British people think I sound American and American people think I sound British. Really annoying.

  • Lived in Philly area, but have lived down south, TX and New England area. For me pretty accurate. But don't sound Philly southern or New England, been accussed of being from New York city area.

  • You said I have a Philly accent. I was born in Indiana and all my relatives are from Midwest. I moved to the West Coast when I was four, and have been in Oregon most of that time, The quiz was fun, but not so accurate for me.

    Lloyd in Oregon
  • I live In New York...

    But I did live in California for about two years, Maybe that's how I got that 'Western accent'?

    Now, it's like I'm always visiting Canada, New Jersey, Texas And Las Vegas.

    ...Multi-ac cents.....xD

  • Nice, it was accurate and covered basic lingual statistics, if you gave it 100 questions there would be no way to get anyone wrong, but 10 is sufficient for the general majority of those with accents.

  • Haha, I have a Midland accent, despite growing up in a redneck (VERY southern accents) portion of Maryland with a Philadelphian for a mother and a New Yorker for a father. That's just awesome.

  • I'm originally from Richmond and have lived most of my life in Virginia so "inland North" is only somewhat accurate. I'm inland but more like Mid-Atlantic/South.

    Michael K. Craig

    Michael K Craig
  • "but then for all we know you could be from Florida or Charleston or one of those big southern cities like Atlanta or Dallas."

    From Houston. :) Says I have no accent.

    What's posh? Oh, and I dun mind yall's accent. You're ordianry ppl. :) I'm already used to Australian accents.

  • I'm a Canadian living in the Praires for the last 20 years. Your quiz place me in the NE of USA. I also don't have an accent because I'm Canadian and we don't abuse the English language other than saying the odd "A".

  • It says I have a midland accent, which is what people from Illinois, Indiana and Ohio are supposed to have. It's basically "not having an accent." But I'm from North Jersey so I think that's funny.

  • these are regional American DIALECTS not ACCENTS!!! accents stem from people who normally speak a different language speaking english (i.e. german, french, etc.) pretty pointless quiz as there are correct pronunciations for all of the given words that NO ONE speaks. that is referred to as Standard American.

  • Weeee!
    I'm so happy ^^

    It says I have a Midland accent. Which more-or-less means you have no dectectable accent.

    However they were so wrong when they guessed where I live.

    I live in East Tennessee. In the Tri-cities, close to Virgina.

    WOOT! I haz no a dectectable accent! WOOT!

    _L o v e l y_
  • Amazing! I have lived for years on the west coast and have completely lost my accent but this quiz nailed it on the head: Philadelphia! I am impressed. Kudos to the authors of this quiz.

  • I'm not from Philly I'm from the south. Where I'm from the accents still have a Carribean sound,loaded with old irish and british pronounciations. We do use the D's for T's and even the B's for V's and the smooth british R's. We love our

    dialect and many of us refuse to change it in spite of many

    critics of the southern accent. Love your quiz though.

  • And the point of this quiz is not to tell you what accent you SHOULD have like most of you losers think. No one cares if anyone has a British accent or a Boston accent. It takes how you say certain words and tells you what you have not where you're from.

  • Not even close! The inland north? Chicago? I'm from the northeast, New York, and I certainly do not call carbonated drinks pop! Everyone knows they're called soda!

  • I was born and raised in the Appalachians in Southwest Virginia and I have a hillbilly twang. I took the test and the results said I have a Midwestern accent. That is so far from the truth!!@!!!!!

  • I left Chicago 17 years ago meandering East until settling in South Jersey for the last 8 years and just the other day a clerk said "You're not from around here are you?" Happens at least once a week.

  • It said I had an inland Philadelphia accent, granted I am from Philly or atleast born there and stayed until I was in the 6th grade then moved next store to Maple Shade NJ. So I would say this is correct.

  • Wow, Exactly right. I am from the south and I realize my heavy southern accent so I know others can. I currently live far east but I am not ashamed though. I love my uniqueness here.

  • I have a Minnesota accent though I grew up in the deep South? Hm. All Americans sound alike, with the exception of the thick Southern accents which are easy to distinguish from the rest.


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