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  • Philadelphia?? I am over 70, raised in the deep South, lived in the Chicago area nearly 40 years, during which I traveled widely all over the world. Accents are interesting and I am probably a parrot.

  • Unfortunately, I was able to get what the questions were driving at. MARY, MERRY, MARRY??? Know that trap! Horrible (as in ore or ha)? Know that trap, too. Pen vs. pen? Know that trap! There are unasked questions - the final r. Cubar (New England). Or the medial r (warsh) Midland. There are grammar differences (Pittsburgh: The fence needs painted); Texas/Oklahoma: Fixin'to). There is methasthesis (African-American aks vs ask) or be (He sick vs. He be sick; He's sick. I wasn't quite sure what to answer because I use all these differences.

    Lucy Silver
  • Says I'm from Philly, have never been close to it. Am originally from N. D.from a very German community, did not speak much English until I was in kindergarten. Now live in the Seattle area. But we had very good English teachers in N.D. who taught Phonics.

  • Boy did this quiz miss with me! It said I was Midland, but

    I've lived in/near Seattle all my life and am a college grad! My wife's from Ohio (I'd call that Midland) and I

    can really hear the difference between her accent & mine.

  • I have lived in the southweest, midwest and east thinking those locales would have affected my accent. Guess what? Absolutely right on target. I was born and raised in North Jersey and the test showed that

  • NOT EVEN CLOSE is right! My goodness, that couldn't have been farther off. I have a very strong Southern accent (coastal NC) and it thought I was a yankee. Not only wrong but insulting.

    And the rating is broken - I tried to give it a 1 and the stars went up.

  • Inland North, eh? I never lived any more north than Pittsburgh, but now that I live in the south, I get accused of speaking like a Canadian. And I refer to carbonated beverages as "soda," never as "pop."

  • Born in Indiana, raised mostly in California - mother was very hard of hearing and I learned to speak words very carefully, as correctly as spelled as possible. So I guess Philly speaks the language as written????

    not quite
  • What is "Inland North" accent? I've never heard of an accent called "Inland North" ??. I've lived on the South Side of Chicago my young life of 20 years. Moved to the North West Suburbs of Chicago after 8 years of marrage in Chicago. I'm now 72 years old and still live in a Northwest suburb of Chicago. WHAT'S "INLAND NORHT ACCENT"?

  • I don't know how the quiz does it BUT I was born and

    raised in Philadelphia (Roxborough) all my life. I have

    met people who say "You are from Philadelphia and you

    have an accent". I never thought I had an accent but I

    guess I have. Interesting.

  • your quiz result says "Your accent is as Philadelphian as a cheesesteak! If you're not from Philadelphia, then you're from someplace near there like south Jersey, Baltimore, or Wilmington." great results! 100% accurate! wow! oh my God i forget to let u know guys that im from india and i've never ever been to the states!lol...

  • Hi,

    Quiz said 90 percent from Midwest!! Wrong!!!!!! I'm born and raised in Orange County California!!! In SANTA ANA from Mexican born parants and I have a MIDEWEST ACCENT??? I think not..if anything when I traveled overseas extensivly and the only p;lace that people nailed my accentr was in the Phillipines. Europeans thout I sounded more "Scottish"...go figure.

    just Juan guy from Santa Ana,Ca.

  • Hey, I'm from England (the Midlands if that makes any difference to you Americans) and it says I have an 'Inland North'/'Philadelphi a' accent. To be honest my answer was 'no' to pretty much every question...Mary = merry? Nope.

  • The quiz said I'm from the Inland North. I'm originally from New England but ave lived all over the US. For the past ten yers I've been living in the UK. I call carbonated beverages soda. In the UK, I have to call them fizzy drinks.

  • Midland...no accent for me (unless you count putting words together, slang and ebonic, that ya I do).

    Wow, really strange though seeing as I'm from Penn. Guessed right. But isn't merry, Marry, and marry always the same?

  • This is a place for COMMENTS. Just because you're too lazy or "time-limited" doesn't mean others should stop posting here. Lazy, why are you taking the test in the first place? Time-limited? Same thing, plus why are you wanting to post a comment? Get off your high horse.

  • I am a linguist. What is most important is the people you associate with regularly. Our society is such a mixture of relocated people that striking generalities are just that. Regional, ethnic, racial, etc. accents influence us in many ways.

  • Inland North??? I grew up in a Houston suburb and now live in rural Texas. I make an effort to speak correctly but these questions don't touch our regional accent errors. Thanks for trying.

  • This is hilarious. I have a chameleon accent - I sound like the people I'm around. This test claim I'm Northeastern. Very funny since I'm a serious southern girl, born and raised in North Carolina.

  • About 50 years ago I spent one summer with my grandmother in New England. At that time they called soda- "tonic" as in, What kind of tonic do you want with your hamburger. Just wondering, do New Englanders still refer to soda as "tonic" ?

  • You people that are not from the US, use your goddam brain - this isn't what ENGLISH accent do you have - it's what US accent do you have. It's going to pick the closest thing, you morons, even if you can't appreciate all our American accents.

  • According to this quiz I am Inland North... which is really interesting for an English woman who has lived in Perth, Western Australia for the past thirty two years and has English rellies who tell her she has a dinky di Aussie twang!

  • While I agree with the result, I take issue with some of the explanation. The quiz includes "southern Illinois" in the Midland. I suspect they mean downstate Illinois, i.e. not Chicago. In southern Illinois, speech is less Midland and more leaning towards a Southern accent.

    No longer in Illinois
  • honestly, i got to disagree with the outcome of the quiz that i got. it said people mistaken me for being from Wisconsin or Chicago... most people generally have no idea where I'm from and say i have one of the most neutralist accents ever. the only accents i have ever been mistaken for was a Connecticut accent... which is understandable since i am from there. but truly, that has only happened once, a majority of the time people can not even guess where i'm from... so yeah...

  • This quiz is utter BS. I was born in Los Angeles, and raised in the San Fernando Valley - near thirty years of my life. I am now in MI (have been for a couple years now), and people here tell me *ALL* the time that I have an "accent" that sounds vaguely "surfer". This quiz just said I have a Midland accent. That's utter BS. 1 star out of 10. :o(


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