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  • South - ok. Lived and worked in TX & MS. Phila - originally from PA, PSU grad. Inland N - not sure where that came from. NE - where is that? West - Worked & lived in rural NV, currently live & work in rural WY. Sorry - no Bastan. N Central - ?

  • Northeast - right on - grew up in Northern New Jersey, then college in NYC--one difference that speech teachers spot, my mother grew up in Nebraska and it gives a slightly different effect.

  • I am Canadian so the Midwest, Ohio answer I got was probably as close to that as you can get to Canadian accents. In fact, many news journalist in US study our way of speaking, so I was impressed with the results.

  • I am African American - I was born to British parents in the Congo, but I am white. I grew up for a time in the Chicago area after we moved here when I was twelve. So I am not from the Northeast of America!

  • Your quiz said I was from Philadelphia. Nope. Southern California for 30 years, then Germany, then England, and Mid-western U.S. for 30+. Speak more than one language, spend much time working on the telephone so I need to be clear.

  • By the way, saying 'pocket book' as apposed to 'purse' isn't an accent, so don't feel bad. In the Eastern states, we say 'soda' in the Midwest, they say 'pop'.

    Some people still say 'hand bag', hahaha!

  • EVERYONE has some sort of accent. I was raised in Upstate NY and have lived in Chicago for 25 years. I have an accent that reflects these demographics. Please, stop saying 'LIKE' every other word ! Replace it with 'almost', 'sort of', 'it was as if', geez...

  • deb1

    I was born in Illinois, but raised from 11yrs. old in Arizona. My mother, after 60yrs. still has the southern Illinois accent, to which I pick up rather quickly when speaking to her over the phone. I currently live in California.

  • North Central???? Hello, I was born in the state of Washington, grew up in California and Hawaii, went to Europe at 19, and returned to live in Switzerland at 25... and that gets me a North Central accent? Weird however you look at it.

  • While it's true that I speak rather distinct American, my closest connection the Great Lakes is my Upper-Peninsula Michigan-born father.

    I speak Television standard, i.e. Californian, which this test cannot recognize.

  • Right on the Mark! Have lived in Georgia for 30 years but it pegged me immediately as Philadelphia - Born and raised a South Jersey Girl and proud of it! Jersey girls best in the World!

  • "Outsiders probably mistake you for a Canadian a lot." That is just such a stupid thing to say. After all, people from Vancouver don't sound anything like the ones in St. John. So what exactly would a Canadian sound like?

  • I had the same problem on the one with Mary, merry, and marry. I couldn't even think of how to say Mary and marry differently, but I figured it out and just put they all sound different.

    -I got Philidelphia and live in the northeast

  • Inland North. That is correct, as I am a Chicagoan. But I do not call soda "pop." I also don't understand why that is attributed to us. Out of all the people from the Midwest that I've met, I've heard MAYBE 4 people tops call soda "pop."

    Chicago pride
  • Guys, how many comments are you going to post just saying what you got and where you are from? For gosh sakes, it's an online quiz, not an exact science. So what if I'm from the northeast and i got western? No one actually cares AT ALL. Come on, stop posting!

  • Totally wrong. I'm from the southwest and I pronounce words as it says to do so in the dictionary. Also I say soda pop. Inland North, Schminland Schmorth. Damn, now I gotta clean my mouth out! Honey, where's the soap?

    Rawk Lobstyr
  • Uh, I was born & raised in Georgia by New Yorkers, but I supposedly have a Boston accent according to the quiz. I HATE Boston accents. Yuck. If anything, I have a southern accent. Most people say I have none at all.

  • I'm not sure that there's enough information here to really tell in many cases. I've only lived in Ohio for 6 years (lived in Atlanta, Pensacola, and Maryland as well)but my 'accent' comes up as Midwestern. 13 questions aren't enough.

  • Even though I'm a Canadian, My accent is from West philly

    Born and raised, In the playground is where i spend most of my days

    Chillin' all out, Relaxing all cool, and shooting some b-ball outside of the school........

  • well for me it a plus!!!! since am not from the U.S. but i got to have an accent. as to my result: Philadelphia which means having a northeastern accent.... well its just an accent but it does not affect my personality at all its on how you bring out your attitude.... still... everyone can change their accent... PRACTICE! learning and adopting these accent... accent is just a twang... as long as you understand each other great!

  • If your test shows you're from "Inland North" and you're not, double check your respose to Question 9. I'm from NJ and I originally answered that "horrible" sounded like "whore" and came up as Inland Noorth. I reality, I pronounce horrible more like the a in hard wheich would result in responce "neither". By correcting that response, I came back Northeast - !00% correct. Think the wrong results are mostly from inaccurate responses....

  • I must say, I've never even been to America, so i was interested to see what it would say. I got New York/Jersey and i guess they would have the most normal sounding accents, so yeh. unlike all those other weird american freaks lol, no offense.

  • omg i got 95% midland despite being born and raised in South Florida LOL it was really accurate with the part with me "not having an accent" i think many people would agree.

    hannah is cool
  • I get Boston every time. I pronounce my R's but not as heavily as in the south. My mom sounds like she pahks the cah in Hahvahd yahd lol We both use some of the Boston slang like bubbler instead of water fountain and jimmies instead of sprinkles.

  • It says I have a Midland accent. But I'm from San Francisco, California.


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