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  • This is not a quiz about accents, this is a quiz about pronunciation. An accent is an audial experience for the listener, not an interpretation of the speaker. Most people are surprised when they hear a recording of themselves & usually make the comment, "that's me?".

  • You should add Colorado (and surrounding states) to your list of Midland accent areas. We don't have any appreciable accent here. In fact, I often hear other people refer to Colorado as the "state where they all sound like newscasters."

  • Wow, I didn't know that a comment section could be 100% full of spam. Even youtube is better than this. Share this comment with ten of your friends and you will be blessed with a yadda yadda yadda.Seriously, no one believes this trash right?

  • Amazing fun test but a little off. I'm from North Carolina but my accent is Philadelphia, a city I've never visited. Guess I must have picked up a lot of different sounds since my early Southern childhood.

  • Not quite. I'm from Central NY, born and raised in Syracuse with the definite Syracuse "A". We call it soda or sometimes soda-pop. But rarely,if ever pop. But I also live within 40 miles of Lake Ontario.

  • Anyone from another part of New York can tell I'm from Jefferson County...Not a midlands accent at all, actually slightly Canadian with a touch of the Northern Cities Vowel Shift, thanks.

  • My result is Southern. That is too funny! I am from New York. But, I do live in the Midwest in St. Louis now 22years. And have been with my husband for 39 yrs.who is from St. Louis. But we met in Boston. he says warsh the clothes. But I do not hear southern in my accent.

    If you ask how do you say coffee? Does it sound like cawfee? Then you are more likely to hear my New York accent. But, it's much softer than most New Yorkers. My mother was a true New Yorker. People always ask me where I am from when I ask for a cup .

  • Okay, this result makes surprisingly much sense in my little mind.

    It says my accent is the Inland North. And because most of those who moved from here to America settled around the Great Lakes, this isn't as random as it could be. Maybe.

  • Raised in TN ... However my father was an English teacher and made sure I spoke correct English! I even taught English myself! I have always had people wondering where I grew up and no one has ever believed I never left the South!

  • Midlands at 90%, so apparently I dont have an accent like I already knew(I am from southern Virginia though). However, I have been told by an Australian that I have an American accent. haha I would agree with this because when everywhere has an accent, a lack of one basically is one.

  • I'm from the deep south, and don't consider myself to have an accent. Perhaps every once in a while, a very unnoticeable southern accent. I've been to the northwest and someone saw my ID and asked me where my accent was. Midlands pegged me. :)

  • Not at all correct. It said I have a Southern accent. I was born and raised in Chicago and spent my high school years in Seattle. I have lived in Houston for 12 years, and I can say that I do not sound at all like native Houstonians. People can always tell I'm not from here when I speak.

  • Inland North isn't right if by that they mean midwest/Great Lakes area. As others have said, the quiz seems to have a blind spot for northern and central NY state. We do not have a "northeast" accent, but we say soda not pop.

  • It says I have a southern accent. I was born and raised in New Jersey the past 61 years, however, I learned to speak with my parents as a child and they are from Virginia. So perhaps I picked up some nuiances from them.

  • Fun quiz. On question 8, you should be aware that depending on age, location in the south, and socio-economic background, all three of those words are pronounced differently. Mary can sound like May- ree.

  • Margiedj, I'm from Lubbock as well and got the same result as you. Part of the issue is that the words tested tend to be accented by Northerners and not Southerners. Long a's, i's, and e's need to be tested for Southerners. Like the word "I" sounds more like "ah" in Texas.

  • NOT Midland! NW-born and raised! Which way do you pronounce

    creek? "crick" or "creek", rhyming with week! In Idaho,

    both ways, depending on which crick one is talking about/

    whether you are a transplant or Idaho born and raised.

    don and patty
  • I was born and raised in California and lived there for 24 years. I moved and have lived in New Jersey for the last 47 years. Not sure why I came out as northern midwest on your chart. You probably just need to add some more questions to your test to be more accurate.

  • "On" does not rhyme with dawn *or* Don. Also I say "water" almost like "order" which none of the questions really addressed. Overall, fun though! It got within 120 miles of the nearest metropolitan area to where I grew up.

  • Side note to other commenters: please, please, PLEASE, stop the chain mail. How is your computer supposed to know your crushes name? Also, I have been seeing this for months, and have not died. It just gives the people who post it a bad name.

  • Hmmm...I am from Northern Virginia, not from Philly and I have never even been to Philly. I guess that means that everyone basically talks the same, no? I wouldn't know a Philly accent from a Boston accent from a Virginian accent...so, you can take that and do what you will with it!

  • I'm an American only by naturalization. I was born, bred, and buttered in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada, eh!

    They tell me I have a Canadian accent--but what is that? Too many different varieties there, too.

  • Born in Long Beach, CA; lived in CA, MO, OK, and TN, and many countries, including 4 years in Central America and 5 years in Saudi Arabia. How this test determined that my accent was upper midland is a mystery to me.

  • Well, you got it! Although I have lived in England and Canada for the past twenty years, I have not lost my Georgia accent and do not intend to. I go home as much as possible to keep it sharpened at least a little. Thanks for this fun quiz.

  • I waS born in Georgia, raised in a rural environment. This

    quiz says I am from Philadelphia. I was once called a

    "Red Neck Hillbilly" by a protester in from of the White

    House so I guess some of my Gawjaw brogue popped up...


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