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  • Cinna
    ""Yeah, that would be awesome!" he shouted eagerly. Then his face flushed and he repeated in his normal voice, "Yeah, that would be awesome."..."
  • Cinna
    "Citra had gotten detention. Never in his life had he failed to escape detention, but it seemed today was not his lucky day. He murmured cuss..."
  • Cinna
    "Azure teased, "Stuttering is contagious. And it's good to hear that you're doing well," he said kindly, scooting aside to make more room for..."
  • Cinna
    ""I—er—uhm," Azure stammered. The sun beat on his chest, thumping expectantly, demanding an answer. His shoulders sagged in embarrassment tha"
  • Cinna
    "(cuz u cant live two lives, and in greek myths if you do you lose all your memories but azure and ruby are keeping their memories when they ..."
  • Cinna
    "(The Only Life, Nine Lives, the Second Life or Breaking the Fourth Wall) Azure read the note carefully, brimming with excitemen"
  • Cinna
    "Azure tossed a note to Ruby; Do you want to hang out after school? he had scribbled. The teacher eyed Azure suspiciously, but l"
  • Cinna
    "(I’d be comfortable with that!) The steady stream of kids thinned as they flitted about the school, searching for their "
  • June, Cinna
  • Peaces Abyss
    "Aha, I know exactly what to do Binge quizzes"
  • June, Cinna
    ";) depends on june"
  • Chaos's Abyss
    "on it!"
  • Ship me
    "i prefer they/them but if she/her is easier for you that’s good too brycen i approve of that ship"
  • Chaos's Abyss
    "Finished lunch."
  • The Rose Garden
    "*pushes Cinna and June to the Stage*"

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