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So, this is a little backstory thing I'll be working on! Just a quick little story, really :3 I hope you enjoy! Kind of one of those love story quizzes, but not really.

Just a little thingy I've been doing on my own since the dawn of time, but now I'm bringing it to this site... which I guess is cool? ;-; OwU Uhhhh... I guess you could say this is a HOO fanfic, lol. Okay, so this will be about you, one of the first humans, and how powerful gods used to be.

Created by: Spacefall

  1. Your name is Chibi. You were one of the first seven original humans. "Chibi!" a playful voice called. "Get over here." The teen who had asked for you had sky-blue eyes.
  2. You have light brown hair and dark eyes. You quickly ran to the person. "I'm Kallisto," she explained. "I just wanted to introduce myself!" A boy popped up behind her.
  3. The boy cleared his throat. "Donovan. Pleased to meet you." He bowed, and you blew him a raspberry. "Don't be all formal," you told him. The boy had dirty-blond hair and was pale.
  4. A rugged, loud sound rings in your ears. Donovan and Kallisto look alarmed, and they quickly whisk you into a hut.
  5. "A dinosaur," she whispers. In the desert you live in, there's only two nearby oases, but water curls up into a fist and slams the dinosaur back. "It's only a distraction. I can't hold it off for long," she whispered in a small voice.
  6. Donovan stared at her. "Kallisto, what did you just do? That was awesome!" he exclaimed, smiling. "Donovan," she said sternly, "Don't tell anyone. It's my secret. You, too, Chibi. We can't let anyone know." You don't know why, but you promise to keep your lips sealed.
  7. We can't let anyone know." You don't know why, but you promise to keep your lips sealed. Kallisto adds, "Also, I changed my name. It used to be Phoebe," she said in a low voice.
  8. Donovan throws his hands up in exasperation. "Why—" His sentence got cut short by the dinosaur. The legendary beast dragged him away. "Donovan!" Kallisto let loose a guttural scream.
  9. The next thing you knew, you were swimming in the oasis, coughing blood. "Donovan!" You watched the dinosaur's teeth sink into him. "No... Donovan..." Kallisto sobbed.
  10. Cliffhanger, lol
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