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Okay, so I was fresh out of quiz ideas, when this idea came to me. Inspired by Spice (her thread in the Arcade, GTQ Interactive Adventure) and whoever made the GTQ Love Story Quiz!

Thank you both so much for inspiring me! Now, on with the quiz children. Your character will either die or live; what will it be? Want to find out? Go take the quiz, lol.

Created by: Spacefall

  1. Go read the introduction paragraphs.
  2. Which GTQ user is your dearest friend? (Out of these options)
  3. Spice grins, waking you up with a friendly nudge. "Can't I sleep in?" you complain, getting out of bed. She just smiles. "I've got a surprise for you at the F&U Forum!"
  4. Espie grins, engrossed in a Warrior Cats book. "Look! It's Spottedleaf!" she exclaims. "Remember? The one I told you about last night!" You shake your head. You don't remember anything from last night. And also, why are you sitting with this upbeat person? Who is Eclipse?
  5. Cinnamon cheerfully wakes you up. "Mika says I'm a Deku kinnie!" she squeals excitedly, wrapping her arms around you in a hug. "Follow me; I've got a treat for you," she says.
  6. So, to sum up. If you're with Eclipse, you have amnesia. Spice? Following her to F&U. Cinnamon? Following her... because she has something to show you.
  7. No matter who your friend is, you all band together, the other two users you didn't pick all sitting at the opposite end of the table from you. It's lunch, and you're all furiously talking, enjoying the company.
  8. Spice shuffles nervously as you say, "I thought we were going to the F&U forum." "We are," she agrees, holding her hand out for you to take. Unnerved, you follow her.
  9. You walk alongside Eclipse, feeling bold and stouthearted. Your courage shrinks when she leads you into the dusty corridors of the Kitchen. A voice echoes from the far hallway, and you rush toward it, Eclipse in tow.
  10. Cinna shivers, and you drape your jacket on her. "Thanks." She blushed. A terrifying scream comes from a distant hallway. "We better check that out."
  11. A demonic voice tells you gleefully, "It's been a long time since I've been fed." You and Eclipse are sucked into its fist, and it squeezes slightly.
  12. Spice and you are pulled into the jaws of something, and you feel cold teeth touch your body. "Spice! Where are we?" "I don't know," she said in a small voice.
  13. You and Spice are spat out of the monster's mouth, bound and gagged to a chair. "Fantastic!" The monster claps, taking the physical form of a burly man.
  14. You find your friends beside you, bound and gagged. A shining mist engulfs you. What does it look like?
  15. The cat-deer stands next to you expectantly. You've learned about these forms. They're called Companions, and they can morph into a weapon you can carry to aid you in battle.
  16. It's a ghost! You jump in terror, and your chair rocks back, your binds threatening to release you. But you know what it is. It's a Companion that can aid you in battle.
  17. It's a wolf! All you do is pet it, you're scared to say a word. A Companion, huh? Neat.
  18. The monster releases you and your friends, all armed with a sword and shield that their Companion's morphed into. "Let's see how well you can fight."
  19. You unsheathe your sword, finding newfound strength. The claws of the monster graze your clothes, leaving a bloody red gash on your shirt.
  20. You clutch your chest, and the monster opens its mouth wide. You freeze in fear, its icy teeth hungrily pressing against your body. Its mouth floods with your blood.
  21. You lunge at the monster. Stunned by your courage, it freezes and you take the opening, sinking your blade into its flesh. It disappears in a flash of light.

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