Your Story, Not Mine Part 2

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Okay, so this is Part 2 of Your Story, Not Mine! The third part will probably be on my account Blackest Dawn! Thanks so much for clicking, even though you might not finish!

Okay, while we're at it, I'll explain something. After Part 7, there will be a finale. A Pre-Finale, Finale, Grand Finale, and Post-Grand Finale. But even after those finales, there might be more, because it totally makes sense to have stuff after finales!

Created by: Spacefall

  1. "Donovan!" Kallisto cried out desperately as the monster lumbered away, Donovan in its jaws. She then turned to you, her eyes filled with fire.
  2. "Let's go find him!" you say, unable to stop yourself from blurting the words out. Kallisto's gaze turned steely. "It's all your fault."
  3. Kallisto then lunges at you. Six more humans besides me, you thought bitterly. One's probably dead, and another's going to kill me. You sighed. Kallisto had water and you didn't.
  4. You moaned and groaned, groveling at her feet. This was your best shot. Kallisto stared down at you disapprovingly. "Puny mortal. You killed my love, and for that, you die!"
  5. Your mouth floods with blood from biting your lip too hard. "Please, spare me." You wonder why she blames you; you tried to help him as well. But then, a thought strikes you.
  6. You can fight back. If you grovel, she'll just toy with you, and you don't want that to happen. You summon fire of your own and hurl at her as she returns fire, hands moist.
  7. Kallisto summoned a wave, running at you and draining an oasis. "I didn't do anything! Why are you blaming me?" you shoot back, easily dodging. The water recedes.
  8. Kallisto ducks. "You are so infuriating," she announced. "I feel the same way about you too," you mutter, not loud enough for her to hear. "I could shoot you down with my bow—"
  9. She froze, then unfroze as flame threatened to engulf her. Water doused it. "I meant that my water should have drowned you," she stammered, glaring at you.
  10. The next thing you know, you've woken up in a grass tent. Your vision clears, and you see eleven people looming over you. You resist the urge to ask, "Who are you?"
  11. Then, you notice them, for real this time. Three, a mix of female and male, have pointy ears and long silky hair. Four are short men, with a muscular build. The other four? No clue.
  12. You study the last four closely. Horses... but with wings? One is chestnut-colored, one is chocolate brown, one has a mane like orange autumn leaves, and the last is a mix.
  13. "Pick a steed of ours," a dwarf says, an elf standing by his side and nodding. The elf spread his arms and said in a gruff voice, "Young hero, it's not too late yet. You are our only chance."
  14. You sit up quickly and wince, feeling pain in your leg, chest and arm, and a bonus headache creeping its way into your head. "What do you mean? Who are you?" you demand.

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