Your Story, Not Mine Part 3

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Chibi got knocked out by Kallisto, who soon fled the area. It's been a few hundred years, maybe, skipping to the time when elves and dwarves were (I'm not an expert, so I'm just making this stuff up) very, very widespread and populated the majority of Earth.

Let's see. Then, Chibi was gifted the chance to pick a steed (a pegasus) for her journey, but she doesn't know how long she's been out, or why she's heading out. Oh, and even though you've been out for a few hundred years, you're only 16 now. Sorry, dems the rules. Which means that Kallisto is now 20. Bruh, why is this all so jumbled

Created by: Spacefall
  1. The long-awaited Part Three! So uh, to recap, Chibi pretty much nearly died and then she got a very nice winged horse. I know, it's cool. :P
  2. You know what, I'll just do a recap in the introduction paragraphs. -w-
  3. "How long have I been out?" Chibi asked frantically, wildly gesturing to elves and dwarves. One spoke up. "Rest for as long as you need." Nevertheless, you mount a snow-white winged horse.
  4. "Whitefrost," you say. Two elves look your way, clearly flabbergasted. "Whatever do you mean?" one questioned. "The horse," you explain. "Her name is Whitefrost."
  5. Whitefrost nickers. Gently sliding off down the side of her, careful to avoid her wings, you ask with a bright light in your eyes, "She's mine?"
  6. "Yes." A female elf curtseys. "In due time, we will teach you all you need to know to be prepared for Doomsday." "Doomsday? What's—" You get cut off. "That we will teach you."
  7. "I want to know!" you complain, stomping your foot. A dwarf winces and steps forward. "Looks like she's ready to start," an elf murmurs, triggering lots of arguing.
  8. Finally, the male elf that looks to be their leader steps forward to you and bows deeply. "Sir Harvard of the Elves." You're getting a little impatient. "Can you just teach me?"
  9. "It's not that simple," Harvard warns. He looks around carefully, as if he's afraid Kallisto's looking to pummel him with a blast of water. But she's not; Kallisto is long gone.
  10. "What happened to Kallisto, anyway?" You ask. "Phoebe... She turned. I thought she could protect herself," Harvard mused. "It's my fault."
  11. "It's not your fault Kallisto tried to kill me," you assure him. "I—it's not important," the elf says. "What would you like to learn?" he asks, changing the subject.
  12. You grin. "Archery sounds good." Harvard nods, taking your hand and escorting you to a messy place with red targets. The red and white paint was peeling off.

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