UwU !Party Time! UwU

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Is one day before mah birthday! Will you come to mah party? Probs gonna celebrate by myself in my official thread (Forums), lol. You can come if you want!

I got le Nutella and le Oreos. Le birthday cake is made of piss. Is gonna be great! :DD UwU Ummmm: Filler. Sudikeemfnwndndjekekeoeoeoeoekdjcbfhwhhsdhde

Created by: Spacefall

  1. Go read the introduction paragraphs
  2. If I took le cookies what would chu do?
  3. Do you like Oreos?
  4. Also this is a levelup quiz, XD so spam in comments about Oreos
  5. Nutella
  6. Also there are le mighty birthday balloons everywhere
  7. KEKW okay you can eat the cake since I took the cookies
  8. Give me a hand of thine for zee handshake
  9. Thanks for attending!
  10. U can get a doggie bag to bring some cake home!

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