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  • "I have been resurrected after nearly a month of silence to remind you all that your life is no more significant than the lives of any of the..."
  • gotoquiz couplez...
  • who is you crush on gtq
    "You hansom devil you."
  • Update on Ting (Carri04)
    "Best of luck, Ting. I hope everything turns out okay."
  • ""
  • ""I literally cannot stop sucking dick.""
  • hello
    "Something about a grown guy playing make believe with teenage girls just doesn't sound quite right."
  • hello
    "Sorry kid, I did those when they were new. But I quit a long time ago."
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    "He's gone SN."
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    "I think he means for hitting someone."
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    "Speak to a councilor or a parent to get medical attention. And no, I don't think you're lying about that. You lied about the entire last thr..."
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    "Don't be apologetic. If I wanted to be liked, I'd lie. I'll speak the truth. No sugar coating, no apologizing, I am the ugly truth before I ..."
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    "Spelling is the structure of a word. Grammar is the structure of a sentence. There is a difference."
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    "Welcome to f---ing life kid. Also, "you are implying that fact that you are a rude, Egotistic, person who only cares "
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    "Then do it. You've already filled one thread with bulls---. Whiny bulls--- should at least be a change of pace."

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