how much do you think i'm barber bob 2?

HI!!! my name is spencer andrews and im a friend of barber bobs. he gave me this profile a week ago and he forced me to give this website a try.

ever since i showed up people have been thinking i was him, this quiz will determine ih you think that i am barber bob 2! ps. im not barber bob 2

Created by: Orkimedes

  1. do you think i am barber bob 2?
  2. do you think i know barber bob 2?
  3. do you know barber bob 2?
  4. jack and jill went up a hill. they both had a buck and a quarter. jack came down smiling ear to ear, and jill had two fifty.
  5. bobs a wuss who thinks he can help people feel better by listening to their problems.
  6. HA! bobs my friend and that last question was rigged so now i can see who put what as their answer!
  7. i lost the game...
  8. did bob leave go to quiz?
  9. i have two questions left!
  10. this is a trick question.

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Quiz topic: How much do I think i'm barber bob 2?