How much do you know Briannaplayz?

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Hey, today I will be giving you a quiz, to see if you are a true fan of Briannaplayz or not. And also, I will be making a Prestonplayz quiz, so look out for it! And also make sure to comment what score you got and what other quiz i should make!

Like, comment and rate ok? Pinky Promise me! I SAID PINKY PROMISE ME *calms down* alright,alright, I hope you will enjoy this quiz! And don't complain about the profile picture, k? Promise?

Created by: Brianna Roberto of Decision 3
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  1. Brianna's favorite color is.......
  2. What is Briannaplayz favorite thing to do?
  3. What is Briannplayz' favorite food?
  4. What game does Briannaplayz prefer more?
  5. What is the latest code for their merchandise?
  6. How old is Briannaplayz??
  7. What is Briannaplayz merchandise store called?
  8. What was the code for easter???
  9. What is Briannaplayz' full name?? xoxo
  10. if you are a true fan, I'm sure you can read this:I nac reven daer siht gniht
  11. What is Briannaplayz' husband's name?
  12. What was one of the things did she do in her offline channel, Brianna?
  13. USDWUDBWUD answer the question
  14. If you were to go on a journey, what would you wear?
  15. Someone asks you, who is the best female youtuber? Your answer isss.......................................................................
  16. Did you enjoy this quiz? ( Trust me) it doesn't affect your quiz results :)
  17. On a scale from 1 to 8, how much do you like Brianna? WARNING: This affects your quiz results
  18. Bye! Cya in another quiz!

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Quiz topic: How much do I know Briannaplayz?