how many sweeney todd lyrics do you know?

Sweeney Todd is a very bloddy, gory, MUSICAL! movie. LEts just see if you really know alot about this classical horror film movie.hahaha. my friend told me to type "hahaha" and she says "hi". -_- so yeah...

Are you an expert at knowing about the horror film "Sweeney Todd the demon barber on Fleet Street" take this cool yet weird quiz to find out how much you really know.

Created by: none of ur business

  1. Complete the lyrics: There is a whole in the world like a great black pit and the ___________ in the world inhabit it"
  2. Complete the lyrics: No,no,not ______ at all
  3. Who stopped Sweeney from killing Judge Turpin in the song "Pretty Women"?
  4. Complete the lyrics:"There was a barber and his wife and he was beautiful, a proper ________ with a knife, but they __________ him for life."
  5. Complet the lyics: "Mrs. Lovett, what a charming _______, eminently pratical yet _______ as always."
  6. the last question I messed up ok?!
  7. Who told Anthony who Johanna was? (be careful)
  8. Complete the lyrics: "Friends you shall drip ________ you'll soon drip precious rubies"
  9. How did Sweeney kill Mrs. Lovett?
  10. Who directed Sweeney Todd?
  11. who plays Sweeneyt todd? (come on you gotta know this one)
  12. Kay it is done!

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Quiz topic: How many sweeney todd lyrics do I know?