Now and then movie

How well do you know he movie now and then? Attempt this quiz now matter if you have seen it one time or one hundred times! You will either know it all or learn something new about the movie!

Are you a now and then super fan? Do you think you can ace this test? Take it and find out! I think you will either come out with a 100% or knowing new things about the film! Check out the quiz!

Created by: Sydneecg

  1. What color was the jello in the balloons the wormers threw at the girls?
  2. Who was offered the role of Chrissy but refused due to the fact the role required her to gain weight.
  3. The person who wrote the screenplay for now and then also adapted what popular tv show?
  4. The film was originally named what?
  5. True or false a television series of now and then was in the works for ABC family but didn't go past the planning stage?
  6. Why wouldn't Chrissy tear down the tree house when they became adults?
  7. Who did Demi moores real life daughter play in the movie?
  8. The movie was set during the summer of what year?
  9. What song played while the girls were riding there bikes after lunch?
  10. Who does sam compare her moms new style to?
  11. What is the first song played in the film?
  12. How many wormers are there?
  13. Who sends money to crazy Pete every year?

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