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This quiz is about the Bratz movie there will be questions which you may not be able to answer so don't worry you just need to watch this film a few times like I do!

If you watch all sort of films over and over again you might be able to get them all right who ever watches the Bratz movie a few times but now it's time to play the quiz?

Created by: Rushaa
  1. Does Yasmin have a brother?
  2. Who accidently starts the food fight?
  3. Who had major stage fright?
  4. What is Jade's real name?
  5. Yasmin and Cameron falls in love?
  6. What is Meridith's little sister called?
  7. What song does Meridith sing on her super sweet 16?
  8. Apart from maths which other class does Jade join?
  9. How does Yasmin and Dylan meet?
  10. Which Bratz girl do you like?

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