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This an amazing Bratz quiz. Questions about Bratz, movies, and dolls are here. Can you pass and become a Bratz super star? Find out and take this quiz today!

Now then. Do you have what it takes? DO you love Bratz soooo super much that you will get 100%? Find out and take this quiz right now! I have faith in you! You can do it!

Created by: Kelly

  1. What is the newest Bratz movie?
  2. According to, what is the favorite fashion pixie doll (s)?
  3. When is the official Bratz movie coming out?
  4. What celeb was seen at the Jingle Bell Concert with Cloe Holiday doll?
  5. Which Bratz are twins?
  6. In Bratz Babyz the movie, what is the name of the puppy that accidently gets lose?
  7. In Bratz Genie Magic, how do they girls find out Katia is a genie?
  8. Did you know there is a Bratz Kidz movie coming out?
  9. What is Cloe's nickname?
  10. What is Megan's design?
  11. Does Fianna love to dance or is she a cowgirl?
  12. True or False Fianna was introduced with the Wild Wild West dolls.
  13. What's Vinessa's nickname?
  14. Last Question: Which is the Bratz who loves fashion?

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