Are You In Love

There are lovers and there are those among us that want to be lovers. This is just a simple quiz to see where you stand. I will bet that you already know the out come of this test, but I will bet that you are going to take it anyway.

Lets see how you stack up and find out if you are in love or if you are still looking. Good luck and please remember to be honest, that is the only way you will ever find love.

Created by: Scott

  1. Do you like to talk to other people about the way you feel for someone?
  2. Do you like to going out with your sweetie?
  3. If someone tells you they Love You, do you........
  4. What makes you feel like you are connecting with the one that you love?
  5. This one is for the girls. Girls do you like......
  6. Your turn guys. Do you like......
  7. What is better.....
  8. What is more important to you when you are (where) looking for a Mr/Mrs right?
  9. Do you feel like someone loves you?
  10. How often do you say "I love you"?

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