romantic loving type

i wanted to know about peoples love and what there life of it is like. i enjoy mines and hoping yours is just the lovers take there love on romantic dates and choose the right time to get married and have kids and what a perfect gift is and how to choose the right love and ive found some right here right now.

u are all smart lovers.keep up the good work.some of u did well and some of u did bad just raise the bar.i have many great people taking this test and if your reading this you one of them.thank u very much smart lovers.yes in deed

Created by: zue

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. what do u find in a lover?
  2. what would your date be like?
  3. what gift would u give to keep love going?
  4. if you and your lover is in a fight what will you do?
  5. what is a romantic cure for your love?
  6. when is the right time for marriage?
  7. when will u have kids?
  8. what is your love like?
  9. whats your definition of romantic love?
  10. my relationship is_________

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