Whats your fav colour???

Ever wondered what your true colour type was???Well so have i so thats why i made up this quiz.See if your a pink loving person or a green loving person.I personally like green lol!

This quiz will help you to decide what colour clothes to buy next time your shopping. It will help you relise who you are lol not really. Why don't you take this quiz it's really quite fun lol.

Created by: Hayli
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  1. You were asked to go to a party. All your friends are invited so you just want to be your self. Which colour would you wear???
  2. Your dad is going to buy your christmas present. He asks you what colour you would like for the wrapping paper. Choose a colour you would like???
  3. You have to choose between two different colours,Which one would you choose?
  4. Your friends fav colour is pink,do u like it to???
  5. Your friend wants u to choose an animal that you like.Which one do u choose???
  6. You have to say the colour u hate the most,Which one don't you like??
  7. Your mum likes blue,You brother likes green and you like...
  8. If you had to choose between your two best friends to take to your party who would you choose
  9. You have to choose your fav book which one do u choose???
  10. You have to choose a colour that you want everyone to werar which colour do u choose???

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Quiz topic: Whats my fav colour???