What colour are you?

what is your favourite colour? and does it match your personality? we all know that different colours can represent different moods and feelings. but do you know which colour matches you?

what colour are you? it depends on your personality. are you shy and timid, or confident and trustworthy? or hyper and energetic? you probably know your personality. but do you know which colour is YOU? thanks to this great quiz, you're about to find out!

Created by: Maddy
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. what is your favourite thing to do on the weekend?
  2. what is your favourite subject at school?
  3. what is your favourite colour?
  4. do you like school
  5. do you like candy?
  6. do you have a pet?
  7. please stand up, and turn around 3 times without reading the next bit of this question. did you do this?
  8. for the next 30 seconds, DO NOT think about a blue poodle who can fly. did you think about it?
  9. do you beleive in god?
  10. how many books do you think you will read in your life?
  11. do you want to know what colour you are?

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Quiz topic: What colour am I?