Whats your perfect ahir colour?

there are many hair colours now you can find out which one you truely reflect weather it's brunette, blonde, died colour or red/ginger so find out now!

are YOU what hair colour you think you are? does your personality suit your looks? find out now with this all new quiz and in just a few minutes YOU can find out what your hair colour should truely be!

Created by: Imogen
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Theres a big group of people hanging in front of the cinema you...
  2. someone asks you to go to a party, what do you do?
  3. you here jocks playing music at full volume and you don't like what there playing you...
  4. you paint something that you think is a master piece but your art teacher tells you to start it all over again you...
  5. someone begins to call you something like fat or dumb or slut what do you do?
  6. someone asks you if you want to borrow there eyeliner or football boots for the boys what do you say
  7. is this getting boring now?
  8. You are dared to ask someone out you...
  9. i spelt hair wrong on the tittle didn't i?
  10. ok, last question, if your bf/gf moved to a different country,how would you react?

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Quiz topic: Whats my perfect ahir colour?